Foggy Fall Morning on Lake Wingra 10/5/2013

IMG_2449 bridge

Bridge over Wingra Creek

IMG_2392 having breakfast

Having breakfast

IMG_2402 goose landing

Coming in for a landing

IMG_2420 fishing in fog

Fishin’ in the fog

IMG_2427 fall wingra

Near the Dam

IMG_2430 foggy fall wingra

Foggy Dam

IMG_2431 foggy wingra dam

IMG_2432 foggy wingra

IMG_2433 s

IMG_2435 s

IMG_2436 fall

IMG_2445 bridge trees wingra creek y

IMG_2451 arboratium bridge

IMG_4667 foggy morning

Foggy Lake Wingra

IMG_4670 s

IMG_4672 s

IMG_4676 s

IMG_4678 fisherman fog


IMG_4679 fisher wo man

Fisher WO man

IMG_4687 s

Lake Wingra Diner

Lake Wingra Diner

IMG_2383 Wingra boats fog

Lonely boats in the fog

2 Responses to Foggy Fall Morning on Lake Wingra 10/5/2013

  1. Maggie says:

    Very, very nice! When are you going to put that portfolio together????? How about sending one or more of these photos to the TV stations???

    • jackieclementi says:

      I just took these on Saturday. I was thinking of sending one into the TV. I just don’t know which one. I do from time to time send some in. I am glad you like them.

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