A big thank you to Ron and Sandy Milward for inviting us to their cabin in Stone Lake the week of my birthday. We had a super time as always with special friends. Sandy was a super host. She got up at 5:00 AM with me to go the boat so I could take photos of the sunrise. The sunrise didn’t cooperate but Sandy did. Love her for that and many other reasons. Phil and Ron played 1,000,000,000, games of cribbage. I won’t mentioned the many cuss words that came out of their mouths. Some I never heard off.  Lots of laughs and lots of food. What a great time.

Most of the photos were taken through windows so not as crisp as I would like them to be. Hope you enjoy them.

IMG_0611 sIMG_0666 sIMG_0698 sIMG_0716 s yIMG_0716 sIMG_0717 s yIMG_0718 sIMG_0720 sIMG_0722 s yIMG_0725 sIMG_0726 sIMG_0728 sIMG_0822 stone lakeIMG_0829 stone lake framedIMG_0834 stone lakeIMG_0844 boat houseIMG_0863 tubingIMG_0877 s eagleIMG_0881 sIMG_0898 s eagleIMG_0899 s eagleIMG_0900 s eagleIMG_0901 s eagleIMG_0902 s eagleIMG_0903 s eagleIMG_0914 s eagleIMG_0914 sIMG_0918 s eagleIMG_0928 s eagleIMG_0930 s eaglesIMG_1148 sIMG_1151 s y deerIMG_1152 s deerIMG_1154 s deerIMG_1160 s deerIMG_1162 s deerIMG_1165 s deerIMG_1235 s fawnIMG_1250 fawnsIMG_1262 mom fawnsIMG_1264 mom fawnsIMG_1275 s m fIMG_1280 sIMG_1307 fawnIMG_1310 mom fawn framedIMG_1311 s mom and fawnIMG_1313 sIMG_1316 s mom fawnIMG_1402 sIMG_1443 sIMG_1444 sIMG_1445 sIMG_1469 sIMG_1488 sIMG_1513 fresh artisan water SandyIMG_1532 sIMG_4985 sIMG_4986 sIMG_4997 sIMG_4999 sIMG_5001 sIMG_5042 sIMG_5044 sIMG_5056 before sunrise sandyIMG_5059 before sunriseIMG_5069 bwIMG_5069 sIMG_5072 sIMG_5079 sIMG_5083 sIMG_5087 sIMG_5102 sIMG_5110 sIMG_5112 sIMG_5117 sIMG_5155 sIMG_5168 sIMG_5175 s

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