Farm Art Reedsburg and Wisconsin River Sauk City

Jeanna and I went to find the RED PIANO in the woods. We found it. This was a part of the Farm Art in Reedsburg WI. The setting was so beautiful and in the middle of it, there it was. THE RED PIANO. It works too. Rock formation was a huge and so beautiful. WOW. Thanks you Jeanna for telling me about it and going with me. We also stopped at the Wisconsin River. Pelicans and Egrets were floating and flying. Exciting. The flood gates on the dam were open and what a sound. Nice day.




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1 Response to Farm Art Reedsburg and Wisconsin River Sauk City

  1. jMo says:

    It was a nice day, thanks for driving. You have the eyes of an eagle spotting all those birds and such, I can’t believe you got that blue bird. Love the hawk Bat Signal, are you coming over to the dark side of sci-fi fandom? You managed to capture a lot of fall color on the river, looks beautiful. I really like the contrast of the green and orange pumpkins and the view just before you get into the gorge.

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