Walk Around Tiedeman’s Pond

On one very hot day in August 2016 my cousin Jeanna and I took a walk around Teideman’s Pond in Middleton WI. The flowers, bees, dragon flies, baby ducks and birds were out having a ball. There were even 2 mating Monarch butterflies. (didn’t know they mated at this time of year, maybe just practicing). Most of all the water lily’s were so beautiful and large. The lily pads were 18″-24″ across and were at least 2 feet tall. The blossoms were the size of a small soccer ball and very beautiful. I have never seen them this large and this tall. I also saw one very large bird holding a fish flying so high I couldn’t identify it. Overall all even though it was very hot and humid, it was a great day.

I hope you enjoy my photos, Click to enlarge

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