Aunt Evelyn Reek’s 100th Birthday Party February 21, 2015

After over 55 years I finally re-connected with my Aunt Evelyn for her 100th birthday. It was an emotional first moment. After all these years it took her only a couple of seconds to recognized me, I was very surprised. We had a nice long warm hug. It felt so good. A couple of good tears were shed by both of us. The surprise for me didn’t end there. I found out there is another Jackie Reek. I had only met the other Jackie many years ago. Meeting the 3rd Jackie was a great pleasure. I am now known as Girl Jackie Reek. (Jackie is from South Carolina, I am from Wisconsin). Young Jackie is a very nice and polite young man. I trusted him instantly, as was proven by getting in his flatbed truck and doing donuts in a parking lot with the police watching us. I just love him. There was a blizzard of snow that weekend and a blizzard of Reeks. Approximately 60 to 70 Reeks in one small town. Our hotel was filled with many of them. We were able to bond at breakfast each morning and that was fun. I was very excited to see Jenny again. She is my soul sister. I was excited to see Sis and Vi and meet Debbie. Vi made all the beautiful cakes. It was nice seeing Dicky after talking to him on the phone and listening to his CD’s. I met cousins I didn’t know and cousins I didn’t even know I had. Sis told me I used to say if Sissy does for everything anyone would ask me. I remember just adoring her.

We also stopped to visit Aunt Doris on the way home. She was unable to make the party because of the snow storm. Aunt Doris opened her mouth and held it open for at least 30 seconds when I told her who I was. When she was able to move again, she said, “well get over here and give me a big hug”.  I was so happy to visit with her and show her some of the photos I had taken at the party.

Phil, Billy and I had a very good weekend. Phil was a real trooper. He put up with all the reminiscing and catching up. AND of course the teasing.

The party was a great time. Aunt Evelyn’s birthday is February 24 2015.

We represented several states. Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and Turkey. We were seriously missing Texas. We missed you Tom. If I have missed any states please let me know, I will add them.

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2 Responses to Aunt Evelyn Reek’s 100th Birthday Party February 21, 2015

  1. Jenny says:

    Jackie,you did an awesome job…What great memories we will have. Love Ya ,Jenny

  2. Brenda Reek Campbell Hofer says:

    Thank you Jackie, I was unable to attend so this makes your blog very special to me…next best thing to being there. You’re very talented!

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