Today Amber bought Ruby over to visit with me. I bought her a bubble machine so we went outside to play with it. We had a great time. She is so full of personality. She made me laugh all the time they were here. She even said a new phrase. I would throw a toy and she would say to Oliver “get it”. It was so cute.

Amber, I hope you enjoy the photos. Feel free to leave comments. Click photo to enlarge

look I can walk IMG_9634 pp s IMG_9615 s IMG_9603 s IMG_9595 s IMG_9595 s 2 IMG_9564 i can walk IMG_9563 s IMG_9563 Deep thought IMG_9557_pp s IMG_9555 s IMG_9554 s IMG_9550 s IMG_9550 s bw IMG_9546 s IMG_9542 s IMG_9531 s flirting with Phil 9610 s

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