Kristina and Julianna’s Easter Bonnets. 2014

Designers Kristina and Julianna designed, made and modeled their beautiful creations. They talked about it, then studied it for awhile, arranged things, re-arranged things then decided. They did a beautiful, fantastic and artistic job. They match their personalities.

We had such a wonderfully fun time. I could just eat them up. Phil and I just love them and of course their Mom Lisa and Dad Paul also.

They had a mini Easter hunt and found their cute and soft animal pillow and blankets. Kristina got a brown puppy and Julianna got a white bunny. They loved them.

I can’t wait until the next visit.

IMG_2700 s IMG_2701 s IMG_2702 s IMG_2712 design by Julianna IMG_2716design by kristina snuggling with their Easter pals IMG_2723 j s IMG_2725 s IMG_2730 precious face k IMG_2733 k IMG_2734 j o Julianna Jackie Kristina Admiring each others creations.

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