Kristina and Julianna Making Pizza 2 18 2014

Lisa brought the girls over to make pizza and chocolate dipped strawberries. We had a great time. The girls loved putting their hands in the dough and adding their own toppings. They did wear some of the chocolate on their hands and face but they had a good time dipping and eating the strawberries. We also made a pretzel candy treat, which they took home. Kristina and Julianna are 2 of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. Lisa and Paul sure are raising them to respect and be polite to others. I could squeeze them to death, including their sweet mama. Love them. Julianna is more of a ham. Kristina is becoming a little lady and doesn’t want her dirty face showing.

Easter Bonnets by Kristina and Julianna Designers Kristina and Julianna designed, made and modeled their beautiful creations. They talked about it, then studied it for awhile, arranged things, re-arranged things then decided. They did a beautiful, fantastic and artistic job. They match their personalities. We had such a wonderfully fun time. I could just eat them up. Phil and I just love them and of course their Mom Lisa and Dad Paul also. They had a mini Easter hunt and found their cute and soft animal pillow and blankets. Kristina got a brown puppy and Julianna got a white bunny. They loved them. I can’t wait until the next visit.

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