Eagles On The Wisconsin River January 31, 2014

I had a great day with my dear friend Sam Grignano. I was so mesmerized by all of these beautiful eagles that I could not stop shooting photos. Sam would say “look over here, look at that one, Jack over there over there.” There were at least 12 awesome eagles flying all around me. Some were adults and some were young ones. These majestic birds of prey with their large feet and talons were beyond a size you could measure with the eye. They are graceful but quick and very entertaining. I was very lucky to see a few of them catch their fish for lunch. I never knew how they carried them without dropping them until today. They hold them with both feet and tuck them tightly under their tail feathers where they can’t be seen or stolen by other eagles. I have a couple of photos showing this. I took over 400 photos and here is just a small sample of them. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos and just remember, I could not stop shooting.

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2 Responses to Eagles On The Wisconsin River January 31, 2014

  1. jackieclementi says:

    Please feel free to write any comments about any photos on my blog. Thanks Jackie

  2. Jeanna says:

    Can’t believe u got such great shots w/a 5.6 ap.
    Great shots, I love the young ones in the trees keeping an eagle eye on u.
    How cold did it get? I’d be afraid of tripping.

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