Weekend in Wausau 9 27 2013


karen oliver bob

Oliver and Bob in their favorite spot. On Karen

IMG_4629 dog walk

Let the dogs run on Rib Mountain

IMG_4622 sassy oliver

Sassy and Oliver loved it. First time Oliver was ever

off a leash. He went crazy.

IMG_4620 sassy oliver

Following Sassy

IMG_4607 sassy oliver tall grass

Got lost in the deep grass and jumped like a rabbit

IMG_4603 dogs

IMG_4602 tall grass

IMG_4575 fall colors

The colors are just starting. Beautiful

IMG_4571 fall mist

IMG_4566 fall colors

IMG_4564 very large nest

Large Wasp or Bee nest?

IMG_4560 fall

IMG_4553 colors mist background

IMG_4519 2 horses

Look like twins

IMG_4516 horses

IMG_4512 s horses

IMG_4500 s horse

IMG_4491 s horses


IMG_4474 s horse

Spotted Draft horses. Very beautiful and friendly

IMG_4470 s horse

IMG_4453 s horse

IMG_4452 s horse

IMG_4446 Dominic

Dominic the donkey eating leaves

IMG_4443 Dominic

IMG_4415 Jackie horse

Me and the beautiful horse

IMG_4408karen horse


IMG_4399 s

The owner called them and they came running

just like dogs. Beautiful site

IMG_4398 horses

IMG_4391 s horses

IMG_4389 s horses

IMG_4365 why can't we go

They were so sad. We left them home with

the guys.

IMG_4362 y can't we go with

Please can we go with Karen, we’ll be good

IMG_4357 why can't we go

IMG_2277 marissa

Marissa, Chris’ friend

IMG_2272 driving down a dirt road

IMG_2271s autumn colors

IMG_2269 cornfield

IMG_2253 apple orchard

At the apple orchard. Take a seat

and have your picture taken

IMG_2246 pumpkins

IMG_2241 roscoe

Roscoe hiding from Oliver, Sassy and Bob

Hay stack flowers

We had a fun weekend in Wausau. Went to Chris’

game on Friday night. Karen and I went to the farmers

market Saturday morning and than a long drive

in the country to look for color and sites. Got lost

a couple of times and that was fun. Stopped at a pumpkin

patch and an apple orchard. Bought Sweet 16 apples.

The best I’ve ever had.

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