Angela and Nick’s wedding 6 22 2019

via Angela and Nick’s wedding 6 22 2019

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Angela and Nick’s wedding 6 22 2019

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Amber and Dustin’s Family 2018

IMG_5779 s2IMG_5779 sIMG_5777 SIMG_5771.jpg sIMG_5761.jpg 5x7.psd ho ho hoIMG_5761.jpg 5x7IMG_5755sIMG_5740.jpg sIMG_5737. SIMG_5736 SIMG_5727.jpg sIMG_5712. sIMG_5710 sIMG_5693.jpg sIMG_5660.jpg wkIMG_5660.jpg s

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On Saturday September 9, 2017 I went to the UW Badger game to see my grandson on the Badger field for the first time. He looked really comfortable in his Badger football uniform. He didn’t play but that will come. I really enjoyed the game and the entertainment throughout the game and half time. Badger spirit is very contagious. I hope you enjoy the photos I took at the game. Obviously, Grandma got carried away taking photos of Chris. That’s what I do best.

wisconsinIMG_1799 sIMG_2082 jack dunnIMG_1773 sIMG_2072 jack dunnIMG_1770 sIMG_2071 jack dunnIMG_1708 sIMG_2070 jack dunnIMG_1702 sIMG_2068 Jack DunnIMG_1616 sIMG_2029 sIMG_1596 sIMG_2016 sIMG_1586 sIMG_1980 sIMG_1583 sIMG_1953 sIMG_1567 sIMG_1934 ChrisIMG_1888 sIMG_1882 sIMG_1821 sIMG_1820 sIMG_1818 sIMG_1806 sIMG_1800 sIMG_1800 s bwIMG_1799 sIMG_1773 sIMG_1770 sIMG_1708 sIMG_1702 sIMG_1616 sIMG_1596 sIMG_1586 sIMG_1583 sIMG_1567 sIMG_2105 sIMG_2086 jack dunnIMG_2084 jack dunnIMG_2082 jack dunnIMG_2072 jack dunnIMG_2071 jack dunnIMG_2070 jack dunnIMG_2068 Jack DunnIMG_2029 sIMG_2016 sIMG_1980 sIMG_1953 sIMG_1934 ChrisIMG_1888 sIMG_1882 sIMG_1821 sIMG_1820 sIMG_1818 sIMG_1806 sIMG_1800 sIMG_1800 s bwIMG_1799 sIMG_1773 sIMG_1770 sIMG_1708 sIMG_1702 sIMG_1616 sIMG_1596 sIMG_1586 sIMG_1583 sIMG_1567 s

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A big thank you to Ron and Sandy Milward for inviting us to their cabin in Stone Lake the week of my birthday. We had a super time as always with special friends. Sandy was a super host. She got up at 5:00 AM with me to go the boat so I could take photos of the sunrise. The sunrise didn’t cooperate but Sandy did. Love her for that and many other reasons. Phil and Ron played 1,000,000,000, games of cribbage. I won’t mentioned the many cuss words that came out of their mouths. Some I never heard off. ┬áLots of laughs and lots of food. What a great time.

Most of the photos were taken through windows so not as crisp as I would like them to be. Hope you enjoy them.

IMG_0611 sIMG_0666 sIMG_0698 sIMG_0716 s yIMG_0716 sIMG_0717 s yIMG_0718 sIMG_0720 sIMG_0722 s yIMG_0725 sIMG_0726 sIMG_0728 sIMG_0822 stone lakeIMG_0829 stone lake framedIMG_0834 stone lakeIMG_0844 boat houseIMG_0863 tubingIMG_0877 s eagleIMG_0881 sIMG_0898 s eagleIMG_0899 s eagleIMG_0900 s eagleIMG_0901 s eagleIMG_0902 s eagleIMG_0903 s eagleIMG_0914 s eagleIMG_0914 sIMG_0918 s eagleIMG_0928 s eagleIMG_0930 s eaglesIMG_1148 sIMG_1151 s y deerIMG_1152 s deerIMG_1154 s deerIMG_1160 s deerIMG_1162 s deerIMG_1165 s deerIMG_1235 s fawnIMG_1250 fawnsIMG_1262 mom fawnsIMG_1264 mom fawnsIMG_1275 s m fIMG_1280 sIMG_1307 fawnIMG_1310 mom fawn framedIMG_1311 s mom and fawnIMG_1313 sIMG_1316 s mom fawnIMG_1402 sIMG_1443 sIMG_1444 sIMG_1445 sIMG_1469 sIMG_1488 sIMG_1513 fresh artisan water SandyIMG_1532 sIMG_4985 sIMG_4986 sIMG_4997 sIMG_4999 sIMG_5001 sIMG_5042 sIMG_5044 sIMG_5056 before sunrise sandyIMG_5059 before sunriseIMG_5069 bwIMG_5069 sIMG_5072 sIMG_5079 sIMG_5083 sIMG_5087 sIMG_5102 sIMG_5110 sIMG_5112 sIMG_5117 sIMG_5155 sIMG_5168 sIMG_5175 s

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On Saturday August 5, 2017 we were all invited to Val and Dennis Yenor’s home for a family reunion. I am told close to 100 Clementi’s were there. Val and Dennis have 4 1/2 acres of beautiful lawn for all of us to roam. There were Clementi’s from California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Minnesota, West Virginia, Wisconsin and maybe more I didn’t hear about. We had a very fun day visiting with family we haven’t seen for some time and meeting and re-meeting some from a while back. This family is a very good looking crew with beautiful toddlers, youngsters, teenagers and young adults and old folks too. Click to enlarge


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Frank feel free to use any of these. Many of the old photos came from Nancy Ann, so you will see some repeats of hers.

Young familyWITH WINE KEG copytony edy papa nancyThe Steve Clementis copyStefano Clementi and friendspost card smallPhil Papa Jackie 99th b dayPhil Dora wedding party 9 11 1937 copyphil dora wedding 9 11 1937 copyphil and sister JoPARENTS OF PHIL Stefano and Lucia Clementipapas race carPapas carpapa uncle tony copypapa sitting on car copyPAPA SHOOTINGpapa nonna smallerPapa lucie communion copypapa horse copypapa granpa farino copypapa car 2papa aunt patpapa and butchpapa 3Naturalization papersNANCY PHILme papamarriage certificatelg groupgroup w aunt babegreat papa grnma50th anniversary 1961 copyGrandpa and Grandma Stefano and Lucia Clementi 2fathers day italian workmens club milwaukeefamily usfamily of boys with vince 3 mos 1991family groupfamily 2 great grandpa 90th b dayDad uncle Tony mom babydad mom old cardad mom fur coatDad Lucie Mom Butch (Phil)Dad Lucie Mom 1973Dad at Philadoras 1964Dad and radiodad and momdad and dickie daleyCIGAR 2BUTCH LUCIE PHILbrothersbrothers 2aunts papa 90th_MG_0001 s papa

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